Friday, 22 July 2016

What more should I tell?

Books and cupboards and lonely rooms,
I hate it when its alone and gloom.
Costers on table and empty walls,
nothing to do when I hear a call!

I quickly went and said Hello,
it was nothing but a fake fellow.
Bored and bored and bored and bored,
it`s time to hear what nature told!

I went in the garden to see it dry,
when I saw a RAINBOW with pretty sky.
Red reminds me of the ribbons on the tie,
Blue make me go thick and fly.

The Sun is up with the strength of the day,
I`m unable to bare the Orange coloured ray.
The rain turns the dry grass Green and fresh,
Voilet rules the whole Lavender mess.

Indigo has an expensive History,
but Yellow makes it`s way to reveal a great mystery.
Rainbow here and Rainbow there,
I am overjoyed,
What more should I tell?

                                                                        - Sanjana Bhate



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