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As you take me, your life goes up in the smoke, in clouds of grey and white, someday you shall die of stroke.
I burn at the tip, give a glow to every bit, & rule the hearts of rich, & trick every poor.
I came to you 187 years ago, I embedded a mark, one cannot easily let it go.
From stress to happiness, I don`t leave your back, slowly & steadily you shall vanish in my trap.
But you have to pay the price for the pleasures of fag, you will soon be weak, for fresh air you will gag.
I`ve made a web, web near your heart, I own your chest, it`s not easy to pull me apart. 
Tobacco wrapped up thin & held in paper, flicking in your mouth, made you feel safer.
Your skin might wrinkle, you might soon look old, small mistakes added, will put your life on hold.
Hope you realize your existence is very precious, for your babies & your wife for whom you are their whole life.  - Sanjana Bhate.



Journey from first is unforgettable filled with happiness and joy forever.
We started with pencil & ended with pen the evident change was a great achievement.
Time files faster, faster than Usain bolt boards came rolling & rolled with a flow.
Some teachers were sweet, some were delight some were annoying but always right.
The games we played, the competitions we won there was always a fight between first and triennial.
The bags were fat though books were thin but brains overloaded with memories filled.
None of us will come behind, none of us will play pen fight after 50 years, we all will find, the classrooms need our crying.
Sarees and suits, heels and boats walking towards the last day, brought tears and wounds.
Muddy puddles and thundering rains all said,"Please give us a holiday!"
The boats we made & played in the rain suffered from cough & cold had a different stain.
I wished the years won`t end, we would relish them agian Unfortunately, everything h…